May 10

Rodrigo Duterte Bad-Ass Quotes & Lines

Here is a collection of bad-ass quotes and lines from our newly elected President of the Philippines and former Davao mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Roa Duterte:


“Stop or leave. If you can’t or will not, you will not survive. You can either leave vertically or horizontally.”

“The criminals have no place in this city except jails, detention centers, and god forbid, funeral parlors.”

“God must have been somewhere else or forgot that there was planet Earth.”

“I tell you criminals. Don’t come to this city.”

“Barilin kita. Bakit mo ako suntukin? Ako nga ang peace maker para walang blood shed tapos suntukin ako. I’ll shoot you.”

“She is not ready to aplologize. She offers no excuses. No aplologies. No nothing. So be it. The yakkings of the mouth… Millions of them. You want blood? We will give it to you.”

“Don’t f*ck with my team. Hindi ako papayag ng ganyan. Anarchy? Paano tayo makakatulong kung lahat tayo puro aktor?”

“Anarchy eh! Kung pakialaman pa ang medisina eh ano ang silbi ng doctor ko? So they can choose, we can add more casualties by bullets. Nasa kanila yan.”

“Kadtong manimba ug buntag, di gyud mo kita. Mas maayo pa ayaw nalang mo simba, diri nalang mo tutok “Gikan sa Masa”. Pwede na man nang katulo sa isa ka tuig. Sugot na man ang Ginoo ana.”

” Yang mga bleeding progressive minds, you know how to deal with the problem? You tell us.”

“Kung hindi naman kayo tarantado. Anak ko yan eh. I only know one event yung tatay iniwan ang anak. God the father allowed his only son to be crucified. The problem is I am not God the father. But she is my daughter. Period.

“Pag napatay niyo, doblado, 4 million ako. Ngayon, pag dinala niyo ang ulo ni Ryan Yu dito da akin,lagyan mo lang ice para hindi mabaho, dadagdag ako nang 1 million. So that’s 5 million.”

“What is wrong if I use my freedom of expression and invoke it now? What does it send you, yang dirty finger? What does it connotate? Sige daw?… Rosales asks the DILG to teach me a lesson? Sila ang pumunta dito and I will teach them a lesson of the freedom of expression. Lecture-an ko sila with the finer points of the constitution.”

Rodrigo Duterte famous quotes in images:

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